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Alice in Wonderland High

Sorry, Not Sorry

Harper, Poe, and Brett have a long past but only a short future. The three were best friends freshman year, enemies by junior year, and now they mostly ignore each other. But when they’re each invited to a prospective freshman overnight at the college they all got into, they hope they can get through the night without a repeat of World War Prom. Each has a different reason for going to the overnight besides assessing the school. Harper’s hell bent on getting revenge on the ex-boyfriend who cheated on her. Poe plans to ditch her host students and knock on the door of the long lost sister she only recently discovered exists. And a quirky scavenger hunt created by Brett’s mysterious online crush sends him hurtling toward the finish line of finally meeting her in person.

But each of their plans goes awry when college hi-jinks throw wedges in their way. Brett gets mistaken for a fraternity pledge and is kidnapped during a hazing task. Poe secretly follows her sister to a house party, which is raided by the police. And Harper’s attempt at revenge on her ex ignites a prank war between two rival dorms. As the campus falls apart due to their actions, the three ex-friends will come together once again and help each other complete their goals, even as the secrets long buried between them arise.

Rhythm and Clues

Rhythm and Clues

Seventeen year-old “Moxie” Crane’s mother ruins her social life without ever stepping foot into her school. Moxie’s classmates discover her mother moonlights as a stripper, branding virginal Moxie with a reputation she can never live up to. Loneliness and a band audition advertisement lead her to Gavin Tully, a teen homeschooled for mysterious reasons who defies his parents’ strict rules to secretly start a band. Desperate to be a free spirit like Moxie, he takes the rebellion too far and runs away from home, leaving behind a breadcrumb trail of clues only Moxie can decipher.But when Moxie discovers his parents aren’t just strict…they’re in hiding from a dangerous enemy, she sets out to find Gavin and rescue him the way he saved her.

Alice in Wonderland High

Kasey Screws Up The World

Sibling rivalry goes too far…

Sixteen-year-old Kasey Fishbein has a lot to repent for. She single-handedly abandoned the dance team right before Nationals, ruined her best friend’s love life, alienated the guy she loves, and permanently injured her older sister’s hip, effectively destroying Lara’s prominent dance career in one fell swoop. Guilt keeps eating away at Kasey but no one will listen to her apologies. So she does the next best thing: she starts a blog to confess her sins.

But the only way to truly earn forgiveness from those she wronged isn’t to offer them an explanation. It’s to fix everything she broke. She may not be able to help her sister dance again, but there has to be another way to get her back on her feet. Literally. Right?

Alice in Wonderland High

Alice in Wonderland High

Alice is rebellion-ready, eager to save the world and come into her own. Led into a secret society of young eco-vigilantes at school, she feels like she’s in wonderland, until one of the cool kids tries to frame Alice for all the illegal pranks they’ve pulled. Can Alice find out the gang’s secret before she ends up in jail?

“Brimming with humorous and meaningful writing, Rachel Shane delivers an unforgettable story about the rabbit holes we go down to accomplish something worthwhile and the people we meet along the way.”
– YA Books Central

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