Premature Evacuation

She wants to save him, but will she fall for him instead?

“…a story that anyone who ever went to college can absolutely relate to.”

– Reviewer

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Master Probation

Master Probation (Campus Crushes Book #2)

There’s only one thing Bianca Cruz wants: to get her off campus house back. Well, that and to punch Harrison Wagner in his unmentionables. He’s the sexy jerk who orchestrated her eviction and stole her abandoned house for his frat. To get revenge, Bianca makes it her mission to unearth the secret Harrison desperately wants to keep hidden. But as she grows closer to him in order to crack his carefully manicured facade, their witty banter and chemistry crackles to a crescendo. Which was definitely NOT in the plan.

Just as Bianca gives in to her escalating feelings, she discovers the scandalous secret Harrison has been hiding. Exposing it would get Harrison’s frat expelled and her house back, but how can she turn him in when she’s falling for him?  

A Bone to Pick

A Bone to Pick (Campus Crushes Prequel Novella)

By day college junior Erin Behr attends her Broadcast Journalism major classes like any normal student, but her nights are not so normal. For three years now she’s been keeping a dark secret from her best friends and roommates, pretending to go to the library to study as a cover for secret society activities that are far more dangerous than eye strain. It’s not just fun, it’s her future. The connections of the society stretch far and wide and promise Erin a lucrative career as a TV host. But when her dad, a former member of the society, loses his job and puts her entire future career at risk, she takes matters into her own hands and starts a podcast in an attempt to build a portfolio. 

Her first guest is Clever Trevor, a boundary-destorying Lady Gaga-esque pop diva who recently lost his record deal after a media scandal and retreated back to his hometown with his tail between his legs. Banter and sparks fly during the interview, which quickly goes viral. Trevor’s agent demands more podcast sessions and the media catches on, spinning headlines that all center around the same question: will they or won’t they? But Erin’s been secretly seeing Keane Fitzsimmons, the enigmatic leader of the secret society, and despite private romantic moments with Trevor, she can’t trust his intentions when re-branding his careeron in on the line.

Cunning Linguist

Cunning Linguist (Campus Crushes Prequel Novella)

Fallon Horowitz came to Throckmorton University buoyed by her art talent, which earned her both a scholarship and fame back home. But at college, her classmates pick apart every brush stroke and her professors dole out D’s like candy. She has one last shot to hack it in the art program: a student gallery showcase with a public critique by the professors–the equivalent of being hanged in the town square.

But then she meets Liam, a ruggedly cute acting major who has an idea for how Fallon can win over the professors and gain back her notoriety. An idea that involves a nude mold of his exceptional body. In exchange, she agrees to help with his own project: winning back the ex-girlfriend who dumped him only hours before. But the more time Liam and Fallon spend together, the harder she falls for the guy who’s still hung up on someone else.


Gravebound (Magical Entanglements #1)

Delilah York is a witch lawyer on the Las Vegas Strip who breaks up marriages by day and breaks curses…also by day. When a sexy gambler barges into her office claiming he’s cursed to bury himself alive, she bets everything to try to save him, even though it means putting her own life on the line. Together they must figure out who cursed Cole, all while trying not to fall for each other. 


Cursebound (Magical Entanglements #2)

When poker shark Cole Tiernan goes all-in on his relationship with witch lawyer, Delilah York, he expects magic. Or at least a few glowing candles in the bedroom. What he doesn’t expect is to become the next victim on her ex’s hit list.

When Delilah York broke up with her ex, she expected it to go the way all her divorce lawyer negotiations go: with a division of assets and a good riddance. But her ex, a powerful witch turned hotel owner, began killing off her loved ones via magical means in a sick form of revenge. The only way to stop him from killing her new love Cole is to bind him with a curse that prevents him from doing harm. But when their plans go awry and Delilah’s ex kidnaps her, Cole has to find a way to rescue her the old fashioned way: without magic.

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